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God’s majesty abounds in the rugged terrain, high peaks and scenic railway vistas of Ningxia Hui, China and our native Colorado. Whether you travel by train with Ningxia Hui’s Ma family or take the cog railway with the Millers to Pike’s Peak, it’s a great day to share Christ’s love! Take a joyful journey with some new friends today!
“…love your neighbor as yourself…” (Lev. 19:18) Lead them to Christ.

Take a Moment to Pray for the Unreached in Colorado and Ningxia Hui, China


  • Father, from Colorado to Ningxia Hui, we pray that lost people everywhere will know the joy of Your grace.
  • In our witness to the lost here in Colorado, we pray Your Holy Spirit will prepare a path before us.
  • Lord, please quicken the hearts of our lost neighbors: Create in them a desire to know You!
  • Father, please open doors for us as we go to speak to our neighbors about the goodness of Your ways.
  • We pray, Lord, You will allow us to plant seeds nourished in Your Word; that our friends and neighbors will seek to call upon Your Holy Name!
  • In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Colorado as a Mission Field

The map above shows the county lines and the three regions with different colors.

* Current Population: 5,115,993
* Current % Evangelical: 8.00%
The % Evangelical is the current percent active evangelical presence, meaning this is the percent that attend an evangelical church at least one Sunday per month.

Data source: Glenmary Study, update by

Colorado Compared to World Countries of Similar Size

Country/StatePopulationPercent Evangelical
Finland 5,382,980 12.10%
Eritrea 5,224,000 2.10%
Turkmenistan 5,177,000 0.10%
COLORADO 5,115,993 8.00%
Singapore 5,076,700 7.80%
Norway 4,937,000 8.40%
Costa Rica 4,563,538 14.80%

Ningxia Hui, China as a Mission Field

The map above shows the districts with different numbers.
* Current Population: 6,221,000
* Current % Evangelical: 4.00%
The % Evangelical is the current percent evangelical presence.
Data source: Operation World, 2010 edition

Ningxia Hui, China Compared to US States of Similar Size

Country/StatePopulationPercent Evangelical
Massachusetts 6,640,744 2.80%
Indiana 6,461,613 12.00%
Tennesse 6,357,952 17.60%
NINGXIA HUI, CHINA 6,221,000 4.00%
Missouri 6,026,458 12.00%
Maryland 5,732,097 8.70%
Wisconsin 5,681,376 7.40%